Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hopefully, I will make up for lack of detailed interesting posts * by adding the puzzle of the day to my sidebar. It's a great site worthy of lengthy and daily visits. I enjoy the puzzle (published 12:00 am EST) and the game of the day and the comments from the community . Many of my sidebar links are to collections at this site.

I'm pleased with my initial circle and I'm at the first pass familiarity stage with many of the positions. I'm working on the complete problem set many of the harder set which I don't get pass the first move or two of the analysis. (I do try to follow as much of the continuation as I can)

* posts are left intentionally sparse so I can concentrate on building tactical circle momentum.

2-6 505 circle 1

2-7 526 c1

2-8 550 c1

2-9 563 Woot! Hit half way point on first circle #563 . problems getting progressively harder,combinations longer and variations more complex although there are still some 1&2 star problems in the mix.

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