Friday, February 18, 2011

BTM Euwe's Sharp Position

Working on this with BTM. I want to study this at length this weekend.

I'm thinking rf2 could lead to a perpetual check but need to think about this at length.


  1. I think it is a perpetual check indeed.

  2. Monste,
    There is a overlooked win here. Euwe played for a win in actual play and lost .

    the notes below are from the comments to the puzzle:
    Move 25...

    25...Qh3! (threatening Rxh2+) 26. Rxa5 Rxh2+ 27. Ke1 Rh1+ 28. Kd2 Rxb1, and now 29. Ra8 is answered by 29...Rb2+ 30. Kd1 (or 30. Kc1 Qxc3+) Qh1+! 31. Qe1 Qxb7 with an easy win.