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More is added in time.

Phony Benoni including all game of the days and puzzles of the day 
Rons Metacollection of some books
The Chess Book Companion  Metacollection by RonB52734

DuelsoftheMind and Ray Keene favorites
Howardb86 includes some Aagaard books
Some move by move books 
LMAJ includes a Nezh collection
ChocoBonBon good  player collections
Buddy Revel includes some French and Chessbase books.
Grandmaster Prep Positional Games
Anatoly21 Strong Games from assorted GMs 
Davyjones01 includes Alekine book and Sicilians 
Amadeus  Match by GMs
Jakaiden Books and starting off opening books
SamAtoms1980 includes some old books 
Chess around the world collections
Syracrophy nicely curated games 
Mieses and Kazdan's Games 
Capablanca endings-Chernev Book
Trigometrist review of classic mainly games of the day
Gerard Wellings Out of the Ordinary Opening play
13 Instructive attacks 

Interesting Collections on varied subjects 

51- -> Birth and Power of a Central Passed Pawn-Whiteshark
Shak and Awe - The Power Play of Mamedyarov by parisattack
 The Spassky Battery by parisattack
71_My_Alekhines_Block by whiteshark
Alekhine's Block by katar
Mitrofanov's Deflections  by shr0pshire

arielbekarov I enjoy spirit and collections

Users& Collections with tactical concepts,Motifs  and Ideas 

Curious King Traps (not easily forseen)
Grampmaster some attacking games 

Patzer2 thematically filed collections 
Fredthebear lots of everything
Notyetagm thematically filed ideas 

The Kings Domain Chess Mastery Game Collection

other things with links to lead to other links.

Bricolage - sundry and various interesting posts

Benzol who is a volunteer admin with much info in
Checkitout interesting links 
Kingcrusher of Youtube fame
AdrianP Kasparov Predeccors books + games by years

By Opening

Timothy Glenn Forney- ideas for an attackers education
Iseth a number of opening collections 
Whiteshark Openings and Tournaments 
Kenilworthian Blogspot Openings and other themes
a chess master 17 pages of openings
Shams Opening collections a few of each
Painho Sicilian Traps etc
The Prolific Bill Wall Traps collections 
Nakul books and openings 


Interested in Playing this line from quality chess
Sacs in the Sicilian and Experts vs the Sicilians 
dunamisvpm Sacs in the Sicilian 
Kasparovs contributions to the Sicilian 
Mr K Nadjdorf Games 

Latvian Gambit 
More Latvian Gambit 
Kracco Halloween Attack  Collection
Elephant Gambit
Vienna Game Resources
Various Gambit Openings 

Queen Pawn

Budapest Gambit 

Kings Gambit
Modern Kings Gambit Games 
Kalar's King Gambit Attacking Games
some famous games. 

KGA Bishop


takchess +Attacking books

tak traxler + 2 Knights +Traxler

Tak Traxler Collections of Games -2 Knights -Guico Piano oriented

Takchessgiuocopiano more of the same 
Takchessbooks -books  
takbook room

tak gambit  -includes Bronstein games from his books 

Sharpen Your Tactics from book ( plus Sicilians )howtobeatyourdad

takchess tactics + room

takchess tactics + how to beat your dad at chess

takchess tactics + how to beat your dad

takattack mainly king gambits 
TAKKGA- walks through many flavors of KGA

takking John Emms Scandinavian and GM RAM here

Takqueen- 1- D4 as black & white

takpawn room to add collections

takopenings +room

takchessitalian +room

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Benko Gambit Resources

Not all that happy with my King Indian Defense play as black so looking at more aggressive ideas and came up with the Benko Gambit as it seems like a fighting game.

From my Burgess Gambit book.

In a positional gambit , a pawn is sacrificed in the expectation that the opponent structure will remain or eventually become so devalued as to make the extra material meaningless  (page 65)
there is no specific plan in mind just the expectation that there will be one.

Black must always search for lines of play where he can build the pressure and then and only then regain his pawn. -hopefully with continued positional  pressure

Here are some resources, I am looking at.

Specific games

Hort Alburt with interest queen sac

Taminov Bronstein - delayed benko from benoni ?

Ivanchuck K.Gregorian (great improving your queen at end play )