Friday, September 27, 2013

Links to Game Collections has a series of user created Game Collections on various themes. I created this post to put a quick links to them here.

Collections on games from  Books on Attacking Chess

Aagaard's Attacking Manual 1 
Aagaard's Attacking Manual 2
Vukovich The Art of Attack in Chess
The Modern Art of Attack
Timman On The Attack
Christiansen Storming the Barricade
Christiansen Rocking the Ramparts

Collections on Attacking Openings

Here comes the Elephant Gambit
The Alapin Diemler Gambit and the Reti Gambit against the French
Minchev The King of the Halloween Gambit 
Dynamic Danish Gambit
Perenyi Attack
Kneel before the Grob
Goring Gambit
Ruy Lopez- Marshall CounterAttack
The Fabulous Budapest Gambit
Sicilicide Ideas Against the Sicilion
Positional Sacrifices 
Bird Opening -Polar Bear
Youtube Polar Bear 

As Black

A Wandering Tour through the Traxler Gambit
Icelandic Gambit off the Scandinavian
Scandinavian by John Emms 
Scandy Wins by Rookington  
Reversed Halloween Gambit

Collections I want to check out

Push Hands technique


TheAlchemist Brilliancies by Unknowns
Attacking Lessons by Prashla
NasMichael I came to Play
Benjamin Lau ThunderStorms in Blue Sky
Mr Nimzo Modern Romantic Attacking Games
Ulhumbrus Favorite Games
Concentration of Force

players games collection

Alekhine's Best Games
Super Nezh 
Life and Games of Mikhail Tal 
The Brillant Games of EJ Diemer

The Ninth Pawn Chess Course
Patzer2 Game Collections
PB games and puzzles 

Brutal Attacking Games 

Collections on games from Move by Move Books

Chernev Logical Chess Move by Move 
Chernev The Most Instructive Games Ever Played of Chess 
McDonald Chess The Art of Logic Thinking  
McDonald The Art of Planning in Chess
McDonald Giants of Power Chess
McDonald The Giants of Strategy 
Gidden 50 Essential Chess Lessons 
Understanding Chess: Move by Move

Logical Chess.