Friday, February 25, 2011

A Big Think is needed

My impression of this position before a big think is it involves Bxg7 and N-f7 and Q-h3 and possibly a rook lift. Perhaps that advanced pawn will come in handy. Although starting with a pawn push might be interesting but I think unlikely. Unsure of move order I need to see if Q-h3 is too slow and I need to sac first due to black playing f6 first. RXd6 might be the appropriate first move....

It's feeling to me like a corridor mate after the smoke clears or a queen mate close in.

Qc6 from black looks likes trouble. I wonder is some point a rook blocks this check.

As I said, it needs a big think. hmmm.

I'm curious as to who may be following this. If you read this,please leave a hi or a short comment. Thanks