Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pierce Gambit -worth a look

I won a casual game reverse Halloween Gambit with a  lot of fun tactics,  I feel that I could definitely play this gambit as well. Need to check this out.
also a geeky view of romantic openings

Sunday, April 2, 2017


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

White to Move-- Page 41 Aagard's Attacking Manual

From this game. Yusupov according to Attacking manual  1 has 3 forced wins here. Thinking about the rules of dynamics would lead to the first move.  

Comments on the game and an analysis of the position is found at Temposhlucker's fine blog.

Some of Aagard's analysis found within the comments.

Monday, February 27, 2017

CT-ART Android Style

I won't say I am doing the 7 circles but I purchased a 9 dollar CT-ART  4 Android App and are doing some problems.  A phone app is super convenient and has additional features that my earlier desktop version. Such as the ability to book mark and take notes in the program.  Some are very familar..........

Friday, September 27, 2013

Links to Game Collections has a series of user created Game Collections on various themes. I created this post to put a quick links to them here.

Collections on games from  Books on Attacking Chess

Aagaard's Attacking Manual 1 
Aagaard's Attacking Manual 2
Vukovich The Art of Attack in Chess
The Modern Art of Attack
Timman On The Attack
Christiansen Storming the Barricade
Christiansen Rocking the Ramparts

Collections on Attacking Openings

Here comes the Elephant Gambit
A Wandering Tour through the Traxler Gambit
The Alapin Diemler Gambit and the Reti Gambit against the French
Minchev The King of the Halloween Gambit 
Dynamic Danish Gambit
Perenyi Attack
Kneel before the Grob
Goring Gambit
Ruy Lopez- Marshall CounterAttack
The Fabulous Budapest Gambit
Sicilicide Ideas Against the Sicilion


TheAlchemist Brilliancies by Unknowns
Attacking Lessons by Prashla
NasMichael I came to Play
Benjamin Lau ThunderStorms in Blue Sky
Mr Nimzo Modern Romantic Attacking Games
Ulhumbrus Favorite Games
Concentration of Force

players games collection

Alekhine's Best Games
Super Nezh 
Life and Games of Mikhail Tal 
The Brillant Games of EJ Diemer

The Ninth Pawn Chess Course
Patzer2 Game Collections
PB games and puzzles 

Brutal Attacking Games 

Collections on games from Move by Move Books

Chernev Logical Chess Move by Move 
Chernev The Most Instructive Games Ever Played of Chess 
McDonald Chess The Art of Logic Thinking  
McDonald The Art of Planning in Chess
McDonald Giants of Power Chess
McDonald The Giants of Strategy 
Gidden 50 Essential Chess Lessons 
Understanding Chess: Move by Move

Logical Chess.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Of (Chess) Love

Hi All,

It's nice and warm here in New Hampshire and it's time for the Summer of (Chess) love Carnival. I've quickly patched this together with help of Blue Devil Knight.
(this is a work in process)

Bright Knight presentsDan Heasman’s 7-10 Basic Tactics Books posted at Empirical Rabbit.

Heinz Z speaks to Truth

Mark Weeks presentsImprove Your Chess with the Master Game posted at Chess for All Ages.

Intermezzo presentsHebden Bridge Chess Club: Worst of British Chess Awards posted at Hebden Bridge Chess Club.

ChessAdmin presentsReflections on Training posted at Path to Chess Mastery.

Here is my favorite old time post from Nezh which speaks to a game that changed him

BDK, everyone favorite blogger , broke his cone of silence to submit this .

DK Transform is back and his blog is  always a delightful trip

Eburke has something we need to be reminded of how to win two basic rook endings   Lucena and Philidor:
Elubas looks at the Tactics Strategy connection

Espeago discusses something I should take to heart the importance of avoiding premature attacks

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer of (Chess) Love 2011 Carnival

Hey All,

It's hot as hell here in New Hampshire. The Hippie Bus has arrived and it's time to cellebrate the Summer of (Chess) Love 2011.

Feel free to link to your post about about chess at the following site  . It could be one you just wrote or an older one you are proud of. What ever you feel like don't worry...It's cool.

Prodigal Pawn did a far out job hosting July's carnival and can tell you what it's all about here.

Date for final submission is August 4th and I hope to post the carnival around the 7th.

Until then Peace , Love and Puka Shells.

 Jim Takchess