Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking for Tactics in the Opening- Sicilian 1 WTM

On the 2nd diagram,the pawn on b5 is free for the taking because after Bxb5 axb5,
Nb5 chases the Blacks queen which has no good square to go to.

...Qc8 falls to the fork with Nd6+, ...Qb8 or Qd8 has to recapture the knight once Nd6+ due to mating net many which involve white brutal Bb6+.
The Brutal Mate seen in the first diagram is found in one variation when Black refusing to lose the queen by capturing the Nd6+.

and will eventually have to take the checking Knight on d6 to avoid mate in all variations.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Instead of Simply Winning the Game # 1-WTM- CKEA

From my game Takchess-MBuggins, I'm eyeing a future potential mate on H7. I should play g5 since this is a line clearance that allows for my queen to support the Rxh4. The Bishop can't take due to QXh7 mate. It would proceed QXpawn then rook takes Bishop.

Or I could of simply took the bishop, queen takes than Rh1 winning a queen for a bishop and a rook. Queen is pinned to the h7 square.

I played Rh1 ?! here.

Interesting enough I was very aware of the potential mate but didn't noodle out how to properly capitalize on it.

The CKEA refers to I played a Caro-Kann line called the Euwe Attack. This is sort of a Reti Gambit against the CK .

Hopefully, I become a little more proficient so I see fewer "Instead of Simply Winning the Game" annotations from Fritz.

The lesson here for me is to take some extra time when I have a strong threat and determine how to capitalize on it.

Best Lessons of a Chess Coach

I shifted gears a little and decided to completely read:Sunil Weeramantry: The Best Lessons of a Chess Coach. I finished it except for the supplemental games and exercise study. I'm walking through it again and studying all the games.

This is a very good book and has me thinking of color square complexes, weaknesses in a position, creating outpost squares,bad and good bishops. Things I have learned about but had not spent a lot of time thinking about.

Whenever I deeply read annotated chess or do tactical training. I see positive results in my play. Recent games at playchess are becoming more interesting. Including some against higher rated opponents where I get an advantage then miss a tactic or mating net continuation.

Here are the games: I recommend getting the book in addition to game study.

Note to self: read this later: