Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boleslavsky vs Lisitsin

I have just memorized this game which is the first supplementary game in The Best Lessons of a Chess Coach in chapter one.

It had a very similar theme as the Smyslov game a killer Knight outpost on d5. Boleslavsky created the conditions for this outpost with a brilliant c4 pawn sac to create a bishop trade. He then went on to remove the Knight on f6 the last defender of the d5 square. I find it interesting that both games had the opponent trade knights as the first piece exchange and toward the end each side had a minor piece, 2 rooks and a queen. The outpost knight held the power in each game.

Note to self: Be mindful once a knight is traded for outpost opportunities.

Another interesting move was the quiet 21 Qe2 followed by 22 Qf1 preventing a future blockade by Blacks queen on the H file. This allows for the pawn storm sequence beginning with 23 g3. The knight on d5 at times keeps black bishop on f8 to prevent e7 check as well as the queen can never take on h5 due to f6 check & fork.

Kingcrusher did a nice analysis of this game on youtube . The game can be replayed here at playchess .

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