Monday, January 3, 2011

1/1/2011 Herb Healy Tournament

Here I am wearing the blue hat sitting next to the scholar and gentleman :George the Blunderprone. (Please note: Despite the photographic evidence above, I'm not asleep ?!)

This is my third New Years day tournament at the BCC and was my favorite. All games were 1 e4 8),openings I was comfortable with and hard fought .
I played
1) a King's Gambit as White ( lost)
2) a Reti Gambit as White against the French (won)
3) a Scotch Gambit as Black (lost)
4) a 2 Knights as Black (lost) (almost a Traxler but went 0-0 0-0)

All interesting games and I didn't hang any pieces. I consider this a major accomplishment given my two year hiatus.

Games 3 & 4 I was hanging on for my life through most of it.

Game 3 I accidently plopped down my bishop on an unintended square (an across the board mouse slip)
Game 4 I believe I should of kicked the G5 Knight by h6 but never played it.

I'm rated at the time I let my USCF lapse under 11oo ..... So I was happy with my play against the 4 players all who were over 1600. (two of them over 1800)

A nice informal get together with enjoyable people.


  1. It was good to see you too. Will we cross paths in Portsmouth this month?

  2. We are in the thick of the high school swim season so the earliest I will play again is some point in the Spring. Besides I need to study/train more.

    Good Luck in Portsmouth!

  3. I faced the schallop . I might want to try this as black. Some ideas found here.

    Note to self 8)