Sunday, May 22, 2011

Endgame Position Black to Move and Draw (Corrected)

Hi All,

This is a correction of my previous post regarding Endgame which Chri (Blunderpuss) pointed out was in error. I referred to the wrong moves and the position is a little confusing . So I think it's better to correct it on a new post.

Note the board view here is from Blacks perspective. Black pawns are on h3 and g3, whites king is on g8 having just accompanied a pawn to be promoted (Queen no longer there,captured by black)

As Black, Down in material, this is a postion I was striving for in order to draw. Two connected pawns against 2 pieces.

This is a theoretical drawn position as confirmed by Fritz with Black.
In fact,two moves draw g2!! or Kh2!!.
218: Palmolive2010 - Takchess, Rated game, 35m + 0s 2011

Analysis by Fritz 12:

1. = (0.00): 61...Kh2 62.Rc6 g2 63.Rc2 Kg3 64.Rc1 Kh2 65.Rc2
2. = (0.00): 61...g2 62.Rc6 Kh2 63.Rc2 Kg3 64.Rc1 Kh2 65.Rc2

In the actual game, I played h2 ?? and lost.

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