Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Instead of Simply Winning the Game # 1-WTM- CKEA

From my game Takchess-MBuggins, I'm eyeing a future potential mate on H7. I should play g5 since this is a line clearance that allows for my queen to support the Rxh4. The Bishop can't take due to QXh7 mate. It would proceed QXpawn then rook takes Bishop.

Or I could of simply took the bishop, queen takes than Rh1 winning a queen for a bishop and a rook. Queen is pinned to the h7 square.

I played Rh1 ?! here.

Interesting enough I was very aware of the potential mate but didn't noodle out how to properly capitalize on it.

The CKEA refers to I played a Caro-Kann line called the Euwe Attack. This is sort of a Reti Gambit against the CK .

Hopefully, I become a little more proficient so I see fewer "Instead of Simply Winning the Game" annotations from Fritz.

The lesson here for me is to take some extra time when I have a strong threat and determine how to capitalize on it.


  1. Is lazyness a common problem to you in your games or is it just an occurence blindness?

  2. Hi Tempo!

    Nice to see you are still going strong. Hopefully you had a good tournament.

    So to answer your question: Yes and Yes.

    I put down the chessboard for two years and am now getting back to it so there is an laziness and rustiness that goes with that. Also I do have occurence blindness at times with pinned pieces and calculating that they can defend when they cannot.

    The other day I had a nice mating net going in a Kings Gambit Game @playchess.com. I ended up trading a piece since I thought a pinned piece was defending a square that it did not.

    I look to do a simalar thing that you are doing look at where I went wrong in games.