Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Lessons of a Chess Coach

I shifted gears a little and decided to completely read:Sunil Weeramantry: The Best Lessons of a Chess Coach. I finished it except for the supplemental games and exercise study. I'm walking through it again and studying all the games.

This is a very good book and has me thinking of color square complexes, weaknesses in a position, creating outpost squares,bad and good bishops. Things I have learned about but had not spent a lot of time thinking about.

Whenever I deeply read annotated chess or do tactical training. I see positive results in my play. Recent games at playchess are becoming more interesting. Including some against higher rated opponents where I get an advantage then miss a tactic or mating net continuation.

Here are the games: I recommend getting the book in addition to game study.


Note to self: read this later:

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