Friday, May 11, 2018

Notes of Brause Games (for my records)

Brause (the Halloween Optimized Computer program) has 3000+ games found here.

Brause Games qg4

Wide Knights

 Game3 Baltimore WideKnights First Push to Ne7 (60-71 next is 4,5,26-46,106,193 ) Check

 Game7 WideKnights full staircaseF than C6 avoidance move 7,113,120,121,134,267,

 Game12 WideKnights after push Knightb4 12-14,53,58,94,122,160.580 34 games

Game18 mistaker WideKnights staircase becomes pointpawn than Queenf6 50,72.73,76,91,92,95,108

 Game44 Wideknights point pwn with FastQueencheck 75,116,136,205

 Game56 WideKnights after PointPawn Qg6 91,119,164,188,277,278,463 interesting line

 Game89 WideKnights till pointpawn and qh5 96,216

game124 WideKnights double push Ng4. 180,290

game125 WideKnights fourpushes than Bc4 125,219,602

gme127 WideKnights firstbacktostart lastpush qe8pin 155,287,329

 game141 WideKnights fullstaircase a6 241,591

game167 Wideknights at second pawn push Bc4 pin giving back knight

game174 WideKnights with pointpawn setup a6 4 games total

game175 Wideknight PointPawn Black QF6 WhiteNb6 Black-Na6 interesting

bishop play. 225,268,281,286,321

Game 222 WideKnights Mainline King Move followed by white Nxf4 pawn

Narrow Knights

Game6 Foe NarrowKnights after Push Retreat d5 (next is 8,9,11,1)7,49,74,79,94
123,140,146,154,172,173,186,187,194,213) 407 games

Game10 Bull NarrowKnights upon Bishop d5 giveback 572 games 23,59,

Game15 fjy after first push Knightg4? 32 games all loses 99,310,
Game16 fjy NarrowKnights after secondpush bishop pin 100 games 307

Game21 Fantomman NarrowKnights followed by bishop pin and Qe7 51,52,90,97,118,
game21 129,130,131,132,138,139,142,145,150,170,175,176,183,192,195,198,199,200,202,223,228,232,235,238,243,245,249,250,253,254,245,257,258,

Game22 NarrowKnights bishop pin Queen f6 bxN main line 53,103,131,139,139

Game75 NarrowKnights first bishop move qe8 only 3 in database
Game77 NarrowKnights first bishop move c6 161,239,240,289,294,298

game100 NarrowKnights after second pawn push Qe7 pin followed by Bg5! 111,157,159,162,163,168,169,

Game137 NarrowKnights after whites Bc4 than Blacks d5 142,182,437

Game 226  NarrowKnights after second pawn push Qe7 pin followed by white
pawn g4 6 loses out of 60 games
247 Qxb2 Poison Pawn done before H7 stunt followed by Bishop d4 and chase

Knights back to original square

Game19 back to original squares with one point pawn 25, 114,126,128,147,149,175,196,225,268,275,281,286,309
Game25 KnightsBack and Qe7 114,126,149
game105,Knightsback followed by return of Nc6 with point pawn setup. 117,133,135,166,189,

Other stuff

Game2 JasEarly -- Earliest Pin on first push Bc4 giveback 54 total games (next is 20) Check2,115,143,363,570  White plays 7qd4 0r 7 4

game101 (only 5 games) Nxe4?! petroff like line

game109 intersting

Game55 a position with a nonsensical move

game 73 interesting play
Game98 sebi is an example of good play
game147&148,rare earlier move
game156 Black's bishop takes the point pawn rare
checkout660 trap
818 is the Plazma variation
1755 similar to PLazma trap game I played
308 fast Queen Check Poison pawn after the Kxh7 move 3257 Best play

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