Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Benko Gambit Resources

Not all that happy with my King Indian Defense play as black so looking at more aggressive ideas and came up with the Benko Gambit as it seems like a fighting game.

From my Burgess Gambit book.

In a positional gambit , a pawn is sacrificed in the expectation that the opponent structure will remain or eventually become so devalued as to make the extra material meaningless  (page 65)
there is no specific plan in mind just the expectation that there will be one.

Black must always search for lines of play where he can build the pressure and then and only then regain his pawn. -hopefully with continued positional  pressure

Here are some resources, I am looking at.



Specific games

Hort Alburt with interest queen sac

Taminov Bronstein - delayed benko from benoni ?

Ivanchuck K.Gregorian (great improving your queen at end play )

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