Thursday, March 17, 2011

alekhine 14. For future study


  1. Have to admit I didn't get that one. I was looking at many of those moves, but couldn't put the full sequence together. And definitely didn't see the d6 take.

    Curious, what kind of split do you do between harder calculation training problems like this vs. more basic pattern recognition?

  2. Hi K and P,

    I'm currently working my way through sharpen your tactics from front to back. In general, every problem at this point is hard and deeper calculation. The first 300 problems were much easier.

    I don't think my approach is optimal but I just want to see every problem in the book. I have about 75 out of 1125 to go. It's calculation for the rough ideas and first few moves and then follow the answer thread as best I can. We will see in a few weeks how I approach the next circle.

    In the past I did the Bain book and Beat your Dad at chess on a number of circles and found it to be very helpful.

    I would benefit by doing this again.

    I missing some simple mates in my recent internet play.