Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Of (Chess) Love

Hi All,

It's nice and warm here in New Hampshire and it's time for the Summer of (Chess) love Carnival. I've quickly patched this together with help of Blue Devil Knight.
(this is a work in process)

Bright Knight presentsDan Heasman’s 7-10 Basic Tactics Books posted at Empirical Rabbit.

Heinz Z speaks to Truth

Mark Weeks presentsImprove Your Chess with the Master Game posted at Chess for All Ages.

Intermezzo presentsHebden Bridge Chess Club: Worst of British Chess Awards posted at Hebden Bridge Chess Club.

ChessAdmin presentsReflections on Training posted at Path to Chess Mastery.

Here is my favorite old time post from Nezh which speaks to a game that changed him

BDK, everyone favorite blogger , broke his cone of silence to submit this .

DK Transform is back and his blog is  always a delightful trip

Eburke has something we need to be reminded of how to win two basic rook endings   Lucena and Philidor:
Elubas looks at the Tactics Strategy connection

Espeago discusses something I should take to heart the importance of avoiding premature attacks


  1. Thanks for the collection!

  2. Hey TakChess!

    Nice work. I feel like I should go practice some tactics in a Volkswagon van from the 60's! :)

  3. I was on vacation and epically FAILED to submit something. Nice work though, and thanks for Keeping the Dream Alive!

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